Moving to the cloud is the process of migrating your business applications, email and data to cloud hosting. Many companies now exist to help businesses with cloud hosting, including True North ITG Inc. Unlike the traditional hosting, cloud hosting makes it possible for businesses to access their applications and data from anywhere in the world.

Some of the cloud applications you may already be familiar with include Google Drive, reading a book on Kindle Paperwhite and listening to your music from your computer on your mobile phone. As you can see, the use of cloud hosting has brought increased convenience into people’s lives. It has been even more helpful to businesses across the board. Here are some convincing reasons to move your business to the cloud.

Increased security

One of the greatest advantages of transitioning into the cloud is the increased security cloud hosting offers your business. The cloud hosting infrastructure secures business data at a number of levels including applications, data, physical and network security. Businesses that do not use cloud hosting use the more traditional dedicated private servers. The challenge with this is in the costs of maintaining these servers in a way that would adequately keep your business information secure.

Small and medium enterprises cannot maintain such a private server and also make profits. Cloud hosting allows any business, regardless of size, to enjoy the same level of security as big multinationals. Some of the ways that cloud hosting firms help businesses to stay secure include data storage segregation, customer identification management, data isolation, backup recoveries and firewalls.

Better group collaboration

With cloud computing, your business employees will easily get access to company data wherever they are. That means you can take advantage of this by collaborating with your teams even when you are out of the office. And regardless of your present location, you can easily collaborate with everyone on the team and work on the same documents in real time.

This ability to work on-the-go has been referred to as smart working. It is helping businesses reduce the number of valuable hours that are usually lost when an employee is traveling or when they are away and cannot make it to the office. Consecutively, better team collaboration results in increased productivity and a positive bump on the bottom line.

Improved server up-time

When potential consumers visit your website only to find that it is down, you lose money, but you also lose brand credibility and trust. Therefore, keeping your website running all the time is an important part of doing business in the modern marketplace.

Cloud hosting makes it possible for your network to have almost no single moment of downtime by giving you the full network up-time possible with today’s technology. This is made possible by the interconnection of servers that the cloud hosting system is, meaning when one server goes down, there is, almost always, another server to take up the slack.


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