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When deciding on a home security system, there are two main choices available. Those are stand-alone systems and monitored systems. Security companies in Canada often compare the two types of systems which have their respective pros and cons.

Stand-alone Security Systems

Lots of devices comprise a home security system. This holds true even for simple stand-alone systems. There are various sensors, alarms and video surveillance cameras. In stand-alone systems, once a sensor detects an incident, it follows a pre-programmed response. The response can be as simple as loud alarm sounds. However some stand-alone security systems can be programmed to dial pre-programmed numbers such as those of the homeowner, police or fire services.

The problem with calling emergency services for alarm incidents without the benefit of verification is that there are lots of false alarms. In fact, police services usually take longer to respond to unverified alarms.

However, stand-alone systems are more affordable. You only purchase the equipment and get them installed. There are no monthly monitoring service fees.

Monitored Security Systems

Many security companies in Canada recommend fully monitored security systems. While it is true that they make a little more monitored security systems, it is also true that they provide a host of benefits to the homeowner.

In monitored security systems, all the component equipments are connected to a central control and monitoring panel. The monitoring panel is manned by people who are tasked not just with looking for alarm incidents, but also verifying them before calling in the proper authorities. The verification gives emergency services confidence they are dealing with real incidents, and thus respond more promptly. Security companies who run their own monitoring centers instead of outsourcing them are often more reliable. This article discusses the benefits of wireless systems used in monitored security systems.

Fully monitored security systems give you peace of mind. You can sleep soundly knowing someone is monitoring the situation in your home 24/7. The security monitors verify and then call the proper department for assistance; depending upon the situation it may be police, fire department or emergency medical assistance which may be required.

Monitoring services can include provisions for looking out for fires, floods, busted equipment, etc. This allows the most appropriate response to be fielded immediately. This is especially helpful when the homeowner is out, when pets are left in the house, etc.

Most monitored home security systems include provisions for remote access. This is a very important feature when you need to monitor members of the household. There may be teenagers left all alone, sick and/or elderly people who may require emergency assistance, etc. Remote access is usually done through computers and smart phones, so you can check from wherever you are. If you happen to be on vacation, you can still check, and in some cases control, the security system. You may use intercoms to speak directly to a would-be intruder, for example, to show you know what is going on.

The effectiveness of stand-alone systems pale in comparison to those of monitored systems. Unless you are really on a very tight budget, security monitoring services are recommended.

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