MSPs are quickly gaining popularity with time. This is because they are cheaper than having a full time IT consultant, who you might not really be needing. However, this does not mean that any MSP will do. Your business needs a lifetime IT partner if at all productivity is to be assured. For this reason you might want to take your time before settling on an MSP. With the numerous options available in this technologically dynamic world, you might find yourself confused when choosing the best managed services provider Philadelphia. Here are the main factors that you should put into consideration before hiring:

Excellent Managed Service Provider for Your Business

Be in a position to provide 24/7 remote monitoring

A good MSP will have dedicated monitoring systems which can detect problems in your network before they become critical. They should be champions when it comes to monitoring your systems whenever, wherever.

Should offer both onsite and remote support

These two types of support are critical for your support. Remote support will make it possible to quickly resolve small issues. On the other hand, onsite visits are very important as they will give you the assurance that your equipment is in good working condition. This will enable you to schedule preventive maintenance of your workstations and servers.

The best MSP should have transparent policies.

Your MSP is going to have a very close relationship with your network and computer systems. You do not want them to give you half-truths, contracts that you do not understand or any hidden fees. It is important to know what the MSP will be doing especially during their remote operations as you will have to bring down any walls set up against security breaches. Documentation about themselves should therefore be easy to understand. Also, they should always clearly define the problem, steps to resolve it and the expected completion time.

Should be all about value

The MSP you hire should be able to give you value for your money. Not only should they tell you about backup systems, they should also be in a position to enact it. In case of any technical failure, the MSP should be in a position to automatically respond to the situation. In most cases, these responses should occur without the public even noticing. The value of the results can be measured either in the cost of operation or productivity and in the long run, profits in your business.

Focus more on productivity than money.

Well, it is true that you should not focus on how cheap an MSP is or put an emphasis on their hourly charges. However, it is important to put these into consideration to ensure you are not getting robbed. An MSP is not meant to be there at all time meaning that any extra hours spent will mean robbed cash. Hire an MSP who will productively carry out his duties and also do it in a timely manner, even if their hourly rates are higher than other MSPs.

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