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The well known technology solutions provider, Charter, with offices dotted across the entire face of Canada, Edmonton included. The IT solutions Edmonton requires will be further strengthened by the services provider’s acquisition of Boardwalk Communications. With the acquisition, the clients that were already being served by Charter and those that will see the attractive offers grow and join will have Cisco’s range of IT solutions available to make their businesses better. The founders of Charter, who started the company in 1997, when the IT services were not as complex as they have developed into now, hope to spearhead the innovative changes that make business more productive.

Looking at the history of Charter, they have done well enough to clinch government contracts and spread their services as far as Yemen. Locally they have some big names that rely on their services – Avaya and Juniper Networks being some of them. They are now partnering with Andries Loubser who co-founded the Boardwalk side of things with Philip Stone, both of them now joining Charter.

Perhaps the most attractive feature at Boardwalk Communications is the fact that they have created a strong valuable service shelf around the reputable Cisco infrastructure. The frameworks at Cisco have a strong and most recognizable reach all over the world, which gives Charter a good start should they acquire clients with their already existing networks running on Cisco’s standards. It is a strategic acquisition, and as shown by both sides’ leaders, a mutual respect resides in their new partners’ achievements to date.


Boardwalk’s co-founder, Stone, described the new deal as an opportunity to continue the legacy created by his company, with muscle such as those provided by Charter. The president of Charter reflected their line of thinking by clearly outlining how their core focuses had an overlap in as far as both the type of served clients as well as services offered; both which explode the partnerships achievements. They are certain that the engineering expertise coming with the network experts at Boardwalk together with silk smooth and world standard client management that Charter is known for will make them a force to be reckoned with.

The combined companies will have active offices to support clients in Toronto, Edmonton, and Calgary, their almost 100 employees combined will be a hive of activity in bringing a new wave of services for both side’s portfolios. Although IT solutions Edmonton needs will be available on demand, the headquarters of the new strengthened company will be in Victoria.

This partnership could be so useful in bringing security to both sides of their clientele bases as Cisco recently introduced stringent protocols that detect ransomware and allow all components of a network to be protected. The side of Charter will sure benefit from adopting the Cisco platform’s security features and the increased reach will be a good experience on the side of Boardwalk. Maybe a name change will come but not a hint to that was observed from their respective interviews.

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